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What does RapidSrc do:-

RapidSrc Manufactures

  1.  SylPro™ in process products which include metal-working lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, line washes & end of line inhibitors(to replace solvent cut back oils).
  2. Desi-K8™ Pro is the latest generation of high-performance container shipping desiccants. With it’s patented high performance humilock formulation we can absorb more than any other shipping desiccant out there in real world application
  3. Ze-OX™ specialised packaging for corrosion prevention including VCI paper, VCI plastic, VCI sachets & Composite VCI constructions.
  4. CompoRap™ industrial laminates for advanced wrapping construction used in steel, aluminium, wire, tyre & other industries to prevent & minimise corrosion or mechanical damage to clients products during shipping.

New Products on the horizon: –

There are always new ones on the horizon or in the process, now that would be telling 😉

Other services include total contract management sourcing difficult products and ensuring our clients line remain in production, toll lamination, toll coating and problem solving for industrial lines. Keep checking back for updates.